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The fastest way to improve your credit score is to lower your credit utilization

Revolv lowers your credit utilization 


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What is credit utilization?

Credit utilization is your account balance divided by your credit limit. It is typically calculated as the percentage (%) of your credit limit you are using on the statement date of your account.

Example: Current Balance $300 / Credit Limit $1,000 = 30% Credit Utilization  

How does CreditStrong Revolv quickly lower my credit utilization?

Within days of opening your Revolv account, we begin reporting a $1,000 bank-issued revolving credit account to all three major credit bureaus with an account balance of $0. This new account will ‘instantly’ lower your overall credit utilization.

Example: You have a credit card with a $800 balance and $2,000 credit limit ($800 balance / $2,000 limit = 40% utilization. When Revolv. is added to your credit profile, your total credit limit will increase by $1,000 to $3,000 and your credit utilization will drop to 27% ($800 balance / $3,000 limit) – which should ‘instantly’ improve your credit score. 

Want to supercharge your credit AND build savings?

Add an optional monthly savings payment to build payment history​.

  • Payment history determines 35% of your FICO credit score​
  • 100% of every monthly savings payment builds your savings and payment history
  • Set your monthly savings payment to the amount you want to save, change it monthly, or turn it off at any time
  • Added Bonus: Make three on-time savings payments in a row, and we’ll increase the amount of credit reported!

Revolv helps you optimize your credit utilization to maximize your credit score

What is optimal credit utilization?

Optimal credit utilization is between 2% and 9%.

Credit utilization ranges from 0% to 100%. 30% – 100% credit utilization is bad and will lower your credit score. Going above 50% can dramatically lower your score.

10% to 30% or 0% is OK. It won’t hurt your credit score, but it won’t optimize your credit score. 

To optimize your credit score you want to use about 2% to 9% of your credit limit every month while making on-time payments. This shows that you are using your available credit in a responsible manner and don’t NEED to draw on a large amount of your available credit.

How does CreditStrong Revolv help me optimize my credit utilization?

Revolv allows you to set up monthly savings payments. We help you set these payments for between 2% and 9% of your Revolv credit limit ($20/mo to $90/mo). When you make these monthly savings payments on-time, you optimize your credit utilization and build payment history.

100% of your monthly savings payments build your savings.

Larger Accounts = Larger Impact

While most credit builder accounts build small amounts of credit topping out at $1,000 max – Revolv starts by reporting a $1,000 credit account that can be increased up to $3,000 with on-time savings payments.

Revolv can positively impact 90% of your FICO Score.

Reports to all 3 bureaus

Revolv reports to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion

Free FICO® Score monthly​

FICO® Scores are used by 90% of top lenders.​

No hard credit pull

There is no hard credit pull when you open a Revolv credit builder account

Cancel anytime

You can cancel anytime with no penalty

No Credit? No Problem.

Revolv works great whether you’re just starting your credit journey or in the process of rebuilding your credit.

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How soon will my credit score change?

Revolv begins reporting to all three major credit bureaus about 15 days after your subscription fee payment clears. Each bureau takes a different amount of time to add your new Revolv account to your credit profile. In general, it takes about 30-60 days for your new account to appear in all three bureaus. The impact of your Revolv account on your credit score will vary based on your individual credit profile.

What is revolving credit?​

Revolving credit gives a borrower a credit limit and allows the borrower to repeatedly advance against that credit limit and repay the advances, typically on a monthly basis. Revolving credit is the type of credit you get from a credit card or home equity line. Installment credit is the type of credit you get from a car loan, student loan, or home mortgage. Having both is important to your credit mix.

CreditStrong Revolv account details

Starting credit limit reported: $1,000
Maximum credit limit reported: $3,000
Credit limit increase of $250 for every 3 on-time savings payments in a row
Increase credit limit reported to $2,000 in 12 months, with on-time savings payments
Increase credit limit reported to $3,000 in 24 months, with on-time savings payments

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REVOLV: Average FICO® Score 8 increase of 62 points for Revolv accountholders with a starting credit score under 550 who opened an account in Q1 2023 and made optional monthly savings payments between $15 and $45. 

 No credit score increase is guaranteed. Individual results will vary. Every individual’s credit profile is unique, and your personal credit score may be impacted by all accounts and activity reported on your credit report. 

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