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CreditStrong Revolv: A Revolving Credit Account to Build Credit


Build revolving credit without a credit card.

Introducing the ultimate tool for building revolving credit and optimizing utilization.

How it Works.

Open your Revolv account

Takes only minutes. $500 revolving credit account is reported to 3 major credit bureaus. No hard credit check.


Add a monthly savings commitment (optional)

Add monthly payments to increase your credit line and optimize utilization. 100% of monthly payments build savings.


Grow your credit, savings, and optimize utilization

Every payment builds your payment history. Make 3 on-time payments in a row and we’ll increase your credit limit by $100, up to $1,000, improving utilization.

Revolv is not a credit card. Revolv works like a digital credit card with a 0% interest rate (0% APR). Revolv can only be used to advance funds into a locked deposit account, which you can access after a period of time. The monthly savings amount you set is your monthly payment and 100% of your monthly payment builds your savings, there is no interest expense.

Revolv accounts can positively impact factors that determine 90% of your FICO® Score.

Payment History (35%)
Utilization (30%)
Length of History (15%)
Credit Mix (10%)

How will Revolv help me?

  • Adds $500 to $1,000 revolving credit tradeline to your credit profile
  • Improves your credit mix
  • Can be used to optimize your credit utilization
  • 100% of every monthly payment builds your savings and payment history
  • Get a FICO Score® monthly for free

What is revolving credit?

Revolving credit is the type of credit you get from a credit card or home equity line. Installment credit is the type of credit you get from a car loan, student loan, or home mortgage. Having both is important to your credit mix.

Revolving credit gives a borrower a credit limit and allows the borrower to repeatedly advance against that credit limit and repay the advances, typically on a monthly basis.

Works with other credit products.

Complements other credit products.

If you have an installment loan, Revolv can help improve your credit mix.

If you have a credit card, Revolv can help improve your utilization.

By itself, Revolv can also improve your payment history, length of credit, amount of credit, credit mix, utilization, and grow your savings.

Most Affordable

$ 99/yr subscription fee

  • Instantly build $500 of revolving credit
  • Improve your credit mix
  • Build payment history
  • Optimize your utilization
  • Build savings
  • Get a FICO Score® monthly for free
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How soon can my credit score go up?

Your credit profile and your associated credit score are uniquely you. How quickly your credit profile improves and the impact on the score will vary, but the best thing you can do is make on-time payments and keep building your profile.

Could this negatively impact my credit score?

Occasionally, adding a new line of credit to your credit profile will cause a slight temporary dip in your credit score because it may reduce the overall age of your credit history. In this case, it’s typical for your credit score to quickly rebound and increase with on-time payment history for the CreditStrong account loan.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You may cancel or close your CreditStrong account at any time with no prepayment or early termination fee. Please note that any payments received more than 30 days late will be reported as ‘late’ to the credit bureaus.

When canceling or closing your account you should be aware that payment history is the most important factor for your FICO credit score and by closing your account early you will reduce the number of payments reported to the credit bureaus, potentially reducing the positive impact of the CreditStrong Account loan on your credit score.

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