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CreditStrong Instal Reviews 

Instal: Our entry level account for new builders who want to build credit while they save.  

“I was so happy, and my credit offers got better, car loans got better. My life got better, and I thank you guys very much for helping me achieve that. I couldn’t have done it without you guys 😁 My new goal is 800.”
Kymani N.
“I gained right at 100 points since joining, thanks for helping me get my credit where it needs to be.”
Art M. 
“I truly recommend CreditStrong for anyone who is trying to rebuild credit — it’s opened up so many new doors open up since joining and I gained 100 points.”
“Helped me rebuild my credit score, which over a course of 2 years eventually helped me to buy a home.”
Joseph R.
MAGNUM Reviews  

MAGNUM: The largest credit builder loans in the nation to build large amounts of credit with low monthly payments.

“I’ve had mine for only 3 months and my score jumped 110 points.”
Kabirah Curry
“Just started last month and my credit has gone up 59 points already.”
Emily Helen McNeil
“Been on it for 6 months and my score is up 122 points… along with fixing my credit MAGNUM has worked wonders.”
Mathue O
CreditStrong Revolv Reviews  

Revolv: The fastest way to quickly establish and build credit by improving your credit utilization.

“My score went up 65 points within 30 days.”
Khalid E.
“In 3 months my score has improved 84 points. Well worth it to me.”
Tim K.
“My Revolv account has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with getting my credit building back on track.”
Krys R. 
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Common Questions About Credit Strong

What is CreditStrong?

CreditStrong offers two kinds of accounts: Installment and Revolving. These accounts are a fusion of a savings account and either a secured installment loan or a secured revolving line of credit. 

What does CreditStrong do?

CreditStrong builds your credit with a range of credit builders for every budget and need. Whether you’re looking for the fastest boost or the largest long-term credit improvement, CreditStrong provides powerful credit building solutions on your terms.  

How does CreditStrong work?

How CreditStrong installment accounts work  

CreditStrong installment accounts are cash-secured installment loans for building your credit.    

When you open your installment account, the loan proceeds are originated by Austin Capital Bank and placed in a locked savings account, securing the loan. Each month, as you make payments, your activity is reported to the three major credit bureaus, building payment history that accounts for 35% of your FICO score. 

Just like any other conventional loan, each payment is divided into principal and interest, with the principal portion going towards paying down your loan balance and the interest being the cost we charge for the service. Click here to review our installment product pricing.   

At the end of your term, the principal portion of your payments is returned to you minus any unpaid interest or fees.   

How CreditStrong revolving accounts work  

CreditStrong Revolv is a secured revolving line of credit designed to lower your utilization and build your credit while you save. 

When you open a Revolv account, Austin Capital Bank extends you a secured revolving line of credit at 0% utilization, increasing your total available credit and lowering your overall utilization.   

Set an optional monthly payment at 0% interest to maximize the benefits of your Revolv account by adding usage and payment history to the line of credit, all while you build savings. 

Making three consecutive on-time payments of $10 or more will increase your total line of credit by $250, allowing your Revolv account to reach a maximum of $3,000.  

Are CreditStrong accounts FDIC-insured?

CreditStrong is a division of Austin Capital Bank, an FDIC-insured Texas State Savings Bank located in sunny Austin, Texas. 

As an FDIC-insured financial institution, Austin Capital Bank is subject to rigorous federal and state oversight and is routinely examined by the FDIC and Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending.   

What credit score do you provide?

We are proud to provide you with your FICO 8 score each month your credit builder is open. FICO 8 is the leading credit model used by 90% of lenders to make their consumer credit decisions.   

Do you perform a ‘hard’ inquiry or pull on my credit report?

Nope! Since CreditStrong credit builders are secured, there is no required credit score needed to be eligible for an account.   

Do you report to all three major credit bureaus? 

Yes! We report your payment history directly to the three bureaus; Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Your CreditStrong account will be listed under “Austin Capital Bank SSB” on your credit report.   

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