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Two Banks Are Better Than One: When you combine OpenSky® and CreditStrong, you’ve got the power of two banks working for you to build your credit.

Adding an OpenSky® Secured Credit Card to your existing CreditStrong Credit Builder Account will provide you both term-style and revolving credit with all three major credit bureaus to build your profile even faster.

How Does OpenSky® Differ from CreditStrong?

Term credit history (like your CreditStrong Credit Builder Account) shows creditors that you can manage predictable payments for a period of time, meeting your obligations over time. Revolving credit history shows creditors that you can manage your expenses and keep your spending aligned with your budget.

OpenSky® offers a Secured Credit Card, a form of revolving credit that makes it a perfect compliment to your existing Credit Builder Account.

How to Get Started with OpenSky®

Secured credit cards in three easy steps.

Apply for the card

  • Submit a 5 minute application
  • No credit check needed to apply

Submit a security deposit

  • Choose your credit line with a one-time refundable deposit1, starting at $200.
  • The security deposit1 serves as collateral to your credit line.

Build Your Credit Score

  • Monthly reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus.
  • Make on-time payments to improve your credit score
  • Stay on track with the convenient OpenSky® mobile app

Just like with your existing CreditStrong Credit Builder Account, OpenSky® reports to all three major credit bureaus, where on-time payments and responsible utilization will help build your score. 

“My score has moved up 46 points in just 6 months!”
Laverne J., OpenSky® Customer
“Very helpful in rebuilding my credit after a messy bankruptcy.”
Yogi D., OpenSky® Customer
“My credit score went up from 547 to 651 in just 9 months! I have had nothing but good experiences with this card.”
Kd. N, OpenSky® Customer