Real People, Real Results

“One month. Up 29 points!”
“My credit score has gone up 91 points since I started 3 months ago!”
“Pushing 700 now. This program is awesome!”

CreditStrong and OpenSky Work Together

Adding a CreditStrong installment credit builder account to your existing OpenSky Secured Visa revolving credit can build a healthier credit profile faster.

Revolving and installment credit work as a team to increase your credit mix and payment history. The more available credit you have, and the more payments you make on time, the stronger your credit will be.

How to Get Started with CreditStrong

Apply in minutes. After the quick approval process, we instantly provide a secured credit building loan in your name.

Make small monthly payments.  As a bank, we report your payments to the three major credit bureaus, building your credit history each month.

Track your progress. Track your progress. We provide a monthly FICO® Score 8 for free so you can track your progress.

Unlock savings. When you close your account, you unlock your savings you’ve built up over time.

Multiple plans to choose from




Point Increase

Average FICO Score Increase1

Entry level account for new builders

  • Build up to $1,100 of installment credit
  • Balances building credit with building savings
  • Starting at just $28 per month



Point Increase

Average FICO Score Increase1

Largest long-term impact

  • Build a large amount of credit with a low monthly payment
  • Build $2,000 to $30,000 of installment credit history
  • Starting at just $30 per month
Credit Strong is a division of Austin Capital Bank