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CreditStrong vs. Kikoff: Higher Loan Amounts + Average Credit Score Increase

CreditStrong and Kikoff have several things in common. They’re both revolving credit builders that allow you to build credit without a credit card by dropping your credit utilization and building payment history. There’s no hard credit pull, and we both report to the three credit bureaus while offering the ability to track your credit score and automate your monthly payments. 

How Do CreditStrong & Kikoff Compare?

Credit score increase

+62 points
*Average 62-point FICO® Score increase, the most common score used by lenders.

+58 points
*Average 58-point VantageScore increase

Max loan amount



Revolving Loans

Installment Loans

Only available in the premium plan

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CreditStrong significantly increased my score.”


“I truly recommend CreditStrong for anyone who is trying to rebuild credit — it opened up so many new doors since joining and I gained 100 points. Thanks for helping me get my credit where it needs to be. I now have very good credit!”


“CreditStrong has helped my credit score go up and stay consistent – I would highly recommend the same thing for anyone who needs help with their credit. 


Why should you choose CreditStrong over Kikoff?

We could go on all day, but here are some of the highlights:

  • CreditStrong offers up to $3,000 of credit history versus Kikoff’s basic plan of $750 of credit history
  • CreditStrong offers a one-time payment with optional monthly payments going towards your savings, monthly payments are required with Kikoff
  • Combination of 11 loan choices for every need and budget versus Kikoff’s 2 choices
  • Can add installment credit builders to maximize your credit profile with CreditStrong
  • All of Kikoff’s extra plans require additional money — any additional optional payments with CreditStrong go towards your savings 

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