How Does a Credit Strong Account Work?

Choose from 8 different plans starting at $15 per month. Terms vary from up to 12 months to 10 years of payment history.

Apply in Minutes

Verify your identity, select a product, and quickly get approved. Get a secured installment loan reported.

Make Payments

Pay the monthly fixed-amount of the loan on-time and build credit while you save at the same time.

Improve Your Score

Build payment history and add to the length of your credit history with the 3 major credit bureaus.

Build Savings Monthly

A portion of your monthly payments is credited towards unlocking the loan amount you picked.

Track Progress

We provide a monthly FICO® 8 Score for free in order to track your progress and achieve your goals.

Unlock Your Money

Once you are done with your payments, you will get access to the full loan amount via direct deposit.

“One month. Up 29 points!”
Kymari – March 2020
“My credit score has gone up 91 points since I started 3 months ago!”
Leathaniel – April 2020
“Pushing 700 now. This program is awesome!”
Sharell – April 2020

Why Credit Strong?

  • Direct division of a 5-star rated FDIC Insured bank.
  • Access to Free Monthly FICO 8 Score from TransUnion.
  • Get 2 Credit Strong Accounts at the same time.