1. How do I check my account balance and information?

You can review your account information, balances, loan schedule, check your FICO credit score, and download account documents on your Credit Strong dashboard at https://apply.creditstrong.com/login

2. Is my savings account FDIC insured?

Yes. All Credit Strong deposit accounts are held in Austin Capital Bank, a 5-star rated FDIC insured bank.

3. Why do you require my Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)?
  • We require your SSN/TIN so we can: 

    • Provide your credit score to you.
    • Report your payment history to the three major credit bureaus.
    • Pay you interest on your Credit Strong savings account.
4. Can I cancel or close my account early?

You may cancel or close your Credit Strong account at any time with no prepayment or early termination fee. Please note that any payments received more than 30 days late will be reported as ‘late’ to the credit bureaus.

When canceling or closing your account you should be aware that payment history is the most important factor for your FICO credit score and by closing your account early you will reduce the number of payments reported to the credit bureaus, potentially reducing the positive impact of the Credit Strong Account loan on your credit score.

Contact us at 833-850-0850.

5. Is there a fee for canceling or closing my account early?

No. You may close your Credit Strong account at any time with no prepayment or early termination fee.

6. How do I close my Credit Strong account?

You can call Credit Strong customer support at (833) 850-0850 and request your account to be closed.

7. Can I update my beneficiary information on my Credit Strong account

Right now you can input the beneficiary information only during the application process.  You can call Credit Strong customer support at (833) 850-0850 or contact us via online chat for further information.

8. How do you protect my privacy and security?

Credit Strong is a division of Austin Capital Bank, a FDIC insured bank. As a United States based insured depository institution, Austin Capital Bank is held to the strictest standards and protocols for protecting your personal, financial, and credit information and money.

All Credit Strong products are built on Austin Capital Bank’s Trident technology platform.

Trident technology allows Austin Capital Bank to securely offer financial services via the internet with bank grade security for all your personal, credit, and financial information. As part of a bank, all accounts and funds managed on the Trident platform are fully insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to the highest allowable FDIC insurance limits.

The Trident Technology Platform encrypts sensitive personal and financial information at multiple levels in its databases and application as well as using a HTTPS/SSL 256 bit encryption layer with your web browser to protect your information while in transit between your web browser and the Trident Technology Platform.

In additional to the security protocols and technology described above, Austin Capital Bank and the Trident Technology Platform are subject to regular IT audits and penetration testing by both Federal and State Agencies as well as expert third-party information security firms.

All employees of Austin Capital Bank are subject to criminal background and credit checks before they are eligible to join the bank.