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Help Me B - Credit Strong

Choose Revolv. if

  • You’re just getting started on your credit journey

  • You’re trying to repair low credit score to qualify for loans/credit cards

  • You want to improve your credit fast

  • Want the best value and most flexible plan with optional monthly payments

$99 Today
+ $0 Required Monthly Payment
$8.25/mo billed annually

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Choose Instal. if

  • You want to build payment history

  • You want the cheapest way to get started

  • Cannot afford $99 membership fee today

  • You can make a required monthly payment and starting payment of at least $15/mo

$15 Today
+ $15/mo to $96/mo

Required Monthly Payment

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Choose MAGNUM if

  • You have cash, but not credit

  • You want to reduce your loan APR

  • You’re trying to access high-limit credit cards

  • Can afford higher required monthly payments of either $55 to $110/mo

$25 Today
+ $55/mo or $110/mo
Required Monthly Payment

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