How CreditStrong for Business Works

Apply with your EIN. We report credit under your company’s EIN and verify the identity and type of business for eligibility. Please see FAQ for eligibility criteria.

Add Owners. As an FDIC insured bank, we are required to verify the identity of the people that control the company.

Start Building Business Credit. Once approved, we instantly give you a bank loan and lock the proceeds in a business savings account to secure the loan. As a bank we report your monthly payments to major business credit bureaus, building your business credit profile month by month.

Track your progress. Every month we provide you with a business credit score grade for free so you can track your progress.

No commitments. Cancel your business credit builder loan anytime for free. There are no fees for canceling your account early.

Business Credit Building you know you can trust. 

CreditStrong is part of 5-Star rated FDIC insured bank, so you know it’s legit and your company and personal information is safe and secure. Click here to learn more about the FDIC insured bank behind CreditStrong. 

5-Star rating as of December 31, 2020